1. Bonk Memes

Before doge was most well-known for being in the form of dogecoin, it was the perfect template for coming up with some great memes. The latest and quite possibly the greatest is the bonk meme. What is the bonk meme? It’s essentially just doge bonking someone over the head and declaring they need to go to horny jail. It’s used on people like the folks that came up with that Aunt Cass meme. Yeah. horny jail is where they belong, and the bonk meme is here to send them there.

2. OG Bonk

3. Blitzkrieg Bonk

4. Leave Cartoons Alone

5. Don’t Get Cocky

6. Why We’re All Laughing

7. Manual Light Saber

8. Go To Commie Jail

9. Bonk Holes

10. Choosing Death

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