1. Dark Humor Memes

We will not sugarcoat it: life is pretty depressing and bleak. Some people elect to handle it by laughing at all the darkest aspects of life. Yes, since many people will judge you for giggling at things that horrify most for those who have a dark sense of humor, you usually have to cover up it. But we won’t judge you. In reality, we’ve amassed an assortment that is hilarious of that individuals with a dark love of life just like you will appreciate. So laugh on, you gallows-humor enthusiast, you.

2. Who Hired This Guy?

3. Starting Over

4. All-Star Team

5. Reaching Her Final Form

6. Ummm…

7. Come On, Cap

8. Chores Won’t Wait

9. That’s How He Lived So Long

10. Shooting Range

11. Total Protection

12. Where It All Started

13. He’s Not Wrong

14. Sorry, Grandpa

15. ‘Uh Oh,’ Said All Of Us

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