1. Mike Wazowski

We do not know why, but Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. is making a push past SpongeBob and Arthur to become the master of memes. RoyalistGamer

2. Two Eyes?

For a couple reason that is good Mike Wazowski with two eyes is a meme sweeping the online world, by which he does definitely appear to be a youngster you would certainly be glad to not be stuck indoors with.

3. It Is Spreading

Monster, Inc. Mike memes are distributing even more quickly than coronavirus… but, ya know. In an enjoyable way.

4. There Goes All Of The Data

This Mike Wazowski meme may be the feeling that is numbing of you’ve been dumb and will suffer all month for it.

5. Pack On The Pounds

This Mike Wazowski meme is actually a chart to quickly find out how and how much you will need to start working out.

6. Still Waiting

This Mike Wazowski meme takes us straight back to our university days. Those poor, bad instructors.

7. Gordon Ramsay

Mike Wazowski is similar to Gordon Ramsay because he appears good, but is really a monster at heart. Great analogy, meme!

8. They Love To Stare

Mike Wazowski hasn’t been more terrifying than the stare that is lifeless constantly share with strangers like in this meme.

9. We Thought He Seemed Familiar

How is it by giving Mike Wazowski two eyes in a meme he looks a lot more like a monster?

10. He Got Better At Scaring

Monsters, Inc. might have been a much more horrific and substantially less kid-friendly movie if Mike Wazowski acted like he does in this meme.

11. Dark Turn

We would call Mike Wazowski a monster for doing just what he did in this meme, but that’d be types of redundant.

12. Dirty Minded Monster

You understand how in some children’s movies they slip in a tale for the grownups? This Mike Wazowski meme seems exactly like that.

13. Two Eyes Are A Lot Better Than One

We thought that final meme felt off for some reason. This Mike Wazowski meme format is strange, but we have grown used to it.

14. Anti-Vaxxers

This Mike Wazowski meme demonstrates young ones must certanly be less afraid of monsters and much more afraid of these people anti-vaxxers that are being.

15. Sparking Joy

Yep, these Mike that is two-eyed Wazowski have officially ruined the original Mike Wazowski for us. Approach to take.

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