Often depicted as a two-frame comic, a eyed that is big is sitting at a table with a sit down elsewhere. Canine is smiling and the available space is on fire.

This is Fine derived from a six panel series that is webcomic” from illustrator K.C. Green in January of 2013. Canine is trying to assure himself that everything is fine, despite his hot and situation that is dangerously spicy of room burning towards the ground. The dog reacts calmly even as he creepily melts gradually through the heat.

In of 2013, the comic’s first two panels were submitted to a thread on 4chan but This is Fine had not yet began its rise to popularity april. All it took had been a post on Reddit in January of 2014 where it was dropped using the title representation that is“Accurate of working with college stress”. The rest was history that is meme another building block of meme culture was solidified.


The first two panels are fantastic as a template of several situations with an absurdist twist. This is Fine is approximately an “oh well” and an entire denial of reality even though the original comic runs the story. The meme is an easy method that is very good deemphasize any stressful situation or alternatively, for depicting an individual who doesn’t understand the magnitude of their situation.

Why Meme.com loves “This is Fine

The dog that is animated the color palette of This is Fine just demands the eyeballs’ attention. In addition… this meme is quite versatile. Its among the memes that are few are produced perfectly with one panel or several.

Its amazing though, this meme simply does not reveal the elephant that is obvious the room. Is this dog that is little master of zen or just clueless with what’s occurring around him? We await in anticipation to see if this meme can be harnessed for the bear areas of crypto. Right here it doesn’t dismay us… with red candles all around us… we’re building away… and simply thinking… “This is Fine“.

A few of the most popular “This is” that is okay

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