First runner up of ‘India’s Next Top Model’, Nisha Yadav is an example that is sheer of determination can dismantle the barriers and that nothing can stop you from walking the biggest runways in your life, offered you’re confident in yourself. 

A lawyer-in-making and a fashion that is part-time, Nisha Yadav was born in a farmer-family with modest profits, belongs to a small village located in the interiors of Rajasthan. 

She has five more siblings and her daddy struggled night and day for a long time so their young ones could at benefit that is least from the fundamental amenities like nourishing food and education.

As much would probably like to think, the injustice of underage girls located in rural areas happens to be a whole tale associated with the times gone in Modern Asia. Nonetheless, Nisha’s tale in Smriti Irani’s words made it crystal clear that such instances persist and therefore are possibly worse than we think.

Speaking of Nisha, she grew up in a village near to Kotputli in Rajasthan. As her daddy is a farmer, before heading to school, Nisha and her sisters would bathe and feed the buffaloes on the farm.

Coming from a city that is little having skilled difficulty getting recognition within the fashion industry, Nisha seems that yearning models must certanly be willing to fight it out. Also, in one her interviews, she revealed, that in right now several people taunt her daddy, saying “teri beti chaadi-baniyan pehen ke paise kamati hain.”

“But he will not respond. He knows just what I’m doing and that’s important,” added Nisha.

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