Wynter and Raine Finley are mourning the increasing loss of their beloved mother.

Tawny Kitaen, the video clip that is sultry who appeared in stone music videos through the heyday of MTV and starred opposite Tom Hanks into the 1984 comedy “Bachelor Party,” died in might at age 59.

Five months later on, the Orange County Coroner’s Office confirmed to Fox Information the celebrity passed away from dilated cardiomyopathy, a type that is typical of disease. The way of death was ruled normal.

“to tell the truth, I had a sense that is big of to know it was natural,” Wynter, 28, told Fox News. “But regardless of the result, at the conclusion associated with, I don’t have a mom anymore day. And that’s all we care about. But in a genuine method, i will be relieved it was natural.”


“All Wynter and I worry about is that she went peacefully,” Raine, 23, chimed. “As soon as we reached the scene, the first responders told us, ‘There’s no foul play.’ She passed away peacefully inside her sleep. There was no battle.”

Their uncle, Jordan Kitaen, previously told TMZ that his sibling was “devastated” by the loss of their daddy, who died in April “after a battle that is long skin cancer.” Jordan told the socket he initially believed the passing that is patriarch’s too much for their sis to keep. He described the 2 as having an “uncanny connection.”

“they certainly were super close,” Wynter shared. “We used to always say they were kindred spirits. They’d the sense that is exact same of. My mother had this wit that is amazing she got that from our grandpa. We trust my uncle. I believe she did perish of a broken heart.”

“I happened to be actually she recalled along with her. “My papa had been on hospice. … We drove down together to north park say goodbye. While could just tell she had been therefore sad. My mother constantly had too much to constantly say and ended up being smiling. But she had nothing to say. She ended up being plainly heartbroken.”

“She was already experiencing it,” said Wynter. “You undergo phases of getting a stomach that is bloated feeling really lethargic and tired, having a cough. And she started showing those symptoms. But we didn’t think anything of it.”

“What I read about heart failure is, when you go through emotional distress, or stress of this kind, it may go on it from one level to another location,” she shared. “After our papa died, I think she ended up being simply so heartbroken it ultimately caused her heart to completely fail it just sped up everything and. Because she was extremely unfortunate.”

Wynter revealed she still feels her mother’s presence. And there isn’t any question in her mind that Kitaen has been her dad again.

“I’m extremely spiritual,” she explained. “Whenever I just take images, I see two orbs. I often see two butterflies traveling together. I always genuinely believe that’s my grandpa and my mother together.”

The ladies described how painful the losses are for them. Their mother died on May 7 and their funeral that is grandfather’s was the tenth. For the service, they brought a photo of Kitaen with her dad and put it where she was allowed to be sitting alongside them that day.

Their memories of Kitaen, although bittersweet, have comforted them through the months which are past. To your globe, she was a rock pinup who famously performed cartwheels in the bonnet of a Jaguar in Whitesnake’s “Here I get once again” music video clip. To others, she was Jerry Seinfeld’s television girlfriend. But to Wynter and Raine, she ended up being simply mom.


“I happened to be really young and I also think Raine had just been created,” said Wynter. “we had been simply waiting to obtain seated for lunch. And I kid you maybe not, everybody that is solitary just observing my mom. I didn’t realize it. But my mom is like, ‘You understand sweetie, your parents are famous. They know who i will be.’ Needless to say, we was… that are really embarrassed looking right back, she had such a presence. It had been constantly all optical eyes on her behalf.”

The women also recalled how growing up, males would remind them of their mother’s status that is iconic blasting “Here we Go once again.”

“She lit up every space and took up a great deal area, but like within the simplest way,” Raine added.

The women insisted their mother always made them feel truly special. And fans got the treatment that is exact same the star.

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